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The first future proof storage for your growing data needs

The HyperStore Operating Environment

Hyperstore provides an enterprise grade fully-featured and S3 compliant object storage system. It uses commodity

servers to build highly scalable and distributed storage. It is built for multi-tenancy and scale to support
many applications or tenants.

HyperStore Operating Environment

Why Are We Unique?

Best of Both Worlds
Your choice of software or pre-built Appliances.
Optimally protect your data with choice of erasure coding, replication or multi data center policies.
Grow with Demand
Grow with demand and not ahead of demand. The HyperStore system scales as needed.
Open API's to all features allows for programmatic control of the system.
Always On
Designed to tolerate disk, server, rack or datacenter failure.
Multi-tenanted storage with single operational console for global management.
Leverage S3 Ecosystem
Native S3 interface on every node provides 100's of supported applications.
Get Data about Data
Allows better decision making with analytics of the system data and user data.


Smart Object Storage

HyperStore Appliances are storage servers designed for petabyte scale. They are highly resilient storage systems with extreme data resiliency and no single point of failure. Built on commodity server designs, they dramatically lower the cost of data storage to a fraction of traditional storage systems.

1c/GB/ Month Economics

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Always on

HyperStore Operating

Object storage is a requisite cornerstone for today’s Internet scale applications. It is a revolutionary approach versus traditional block storage. It scales cost effectively within a datacenter and even across geographic regions. Cloudian HyperStore Object storage systems manage data as objects in a flat organization of containers (buckets) and use globally unique identifier (key) to retrieve it.

S3 Ready



1c per GB
per Month Storage

Can your storage cost less than the public cloud?

At Cloudian, we believe that low cost storage can also be high value
storage. Customers love our combination of enterprise-grade but at
incredible value.

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