9 year-old Stephanie configures Cloudian HyperStore Hybrid Cloud Storage


Cloudian HyperStore software not only performs great, but is also simple to deploy and configure. Let’s put it to the test! Our Technical Marketing Engineer Phillip asked his 9 year-old daughter to explain on camera how to configure hybrid cloud tiering. Stephanie was not only successful at configuring data tiering to Amazon S3, but also […]

An interview with Phillip, the creator of Cloud Explorer.


By Phillip Tribble, Technical Marketing Engineer @ Cloudian [Q] Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Phillip and I work in the Technical Marketing department at Cloudian. I am also the creator of Cloud Explorer. I built this application because I wanted a single portable application to use on any operating system. For […]

Cloudian HyperStore Rings in Era of Smart Data

HyperStore 5.1

Earlier this week Cloudian announced a new version of Cloudian HyperStore software. Building on its already strong hybrid cloud foundation, HyperStore 5.1 is an enhanced Amazon S3-compliant, plug-and-play hybrid cloud software solution that now features full Apache Hadoop integration. Enterprises can now transform big data into smart data by running Hadoop analytics on HyperStore software […]

[From Storage Switzerland Blog] What is Hadoop and can Object Storage make it better?


Guest Blog Post by George Crump Hadoop, first used by large cloud providers like Yahoo, Facebook and Google, is designed to allow massive amounts of compute resources to process very large, unstructured datasets. The technology is now firmly entrenched in government agencies and is now working its way into more traditional enterprise IT. The goal […]

How HyperStore vNodes Deliver Highly Available Distributed Object Storage

By Bharatendra Boddu, Principal Software Engineer and David Schleicher, Senior Technical Writer Among the great new features of Cloudian HyperStore 5.0 is the introduction of HyperStore vNodes, which leverage and extend the virtual node technology of Cassandra. In contrast to traditional consistent hashing based storage schemes in which each physical node in the token ring is […]

NetApp acquires Riverbed SteelStore – We have you covered with qualified storage

Screenshot 2014-11-10 17.24.18

  Today, we announce the qualification of NetApp’s recently acquired SteelStore product and our HyperStore hybrid cloud storage.NetApp SteelStore enables companies to seamlessly and securely integrate public, private, and hybrid cloud storage into their backup and recovery strategy, while preserving existing investments in backup software. Cloudian Hyperstore uniquely balances capacity with performance, giving users the […]

We are excited about this week OpenStack Summit in Paris and how companies are adding S3 API compatibility to OpenStack


By Simone Morellato, Technical and Solutions Marketing Director Applications are driving the insatiable need for cloud storage and the public cloud providers saw it coming years ago. Amazon S3’s rampant growth has driven the evolution of an immense ecosystem of supporting applications and its wide adoption has all but solidified its position as the industry […]

Next-Generation Storage and Data Protection – An Interview with Norihiro Saito from CommVault Cloud Solutions Group


CommVault has certified interoperability between CommVault Simpana, its data protection and management software, and Cloudian HyperStore software, as a technology for the long-term storage of large volumes of data. The two companies actively partner to offer this new storage solution. This blog post is based on a discussion between CommVault Cloud Solutions Group Sales Executive, […]

CloudFuze and Cloudian Partner to Bring Enterprise-Class Migration and Hybrid Storage Capabilities to Cloudian Customers

Screenshot 2014-10-12 08.30.16

Today we are announcing a an exciting new partnership with CloudFuze, Inc., a leader in storage connectivity and collaboration, to address the content migration needs for enterprise customers moving to the Cloudian HyperStore platform. Cloudian customers can now use CloudFuze’s platform and enterprise-class migration services to move data seamlessly between the public cloud and Cloudian […]

Casale Group of Switzerland solves Sync&Share, VMware Backup and Disaster Recovery challenges with Cloudian HyperStore


By Primo Bonacina, EMEA Business Development at BCLOUD/Cloudian (mailto:primo.bonacina@b-cloud.it) The Casale company CASALE is a privately owned Swiss Company with headquarters in Lugano (Switzerland) with branch offices in Czech Republic and mobile workers all around the world.   Casale is one of the oldest companies active in the field of synthetic ammonia production. The main […]

An interview with Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian


By Willem ter Harmsel This wednesday morning I had the pleasure to speak with Michael Tso at breakfast in an Amsterdam city-centre hotel. Born in mainland China, Michael was raised in Shanghai and Hongkong, finished high school in Melbourne and graduated at MIT in 1993. In his 20 years business experience he not only lead […]

5.0 release brings “Cloud Storage for Everyone”


In this quick 20 minute video, the Cloudian HyperStore team discuss the key points of Cloudian’s September 16 product announcement which promises to users the new era of “Cloud Storage for Everyone”. Or look at this quick Slideshare presentation:     To learn more about the Cloudian HyperStore Appliance click here  

Introducing the New Cloudian Logo


At Cloudian, we have been wrestling with the question: Is the quality of our brand identity in alignment with the quality of our products and customer interactions? We know we have some work to do because brand identity is a lot like personal identity – image matters. Details matter too. Visual cues, colors, font, etc. […]

Deploying Cloudian HyperStore on HGST’s Open Ethernet Drive Architecture


by Gary Ogasawara VP Engineering at Cloudian Inc Introduction Recently, we had a hackathon with HGST engineers to deploy and exercise Cloudian HyperStore on HGST’s open Ethernet drive architecture (link: http://www.hgst.com/science-of-storage/emerging-technologies/open-ethernet-drive-architecture).  Each storage drive is a “server on a drive” including CPU, RAM, Linux OS, and a direct Ethernet connection in a standard 3.5” HDD form […]

An interview with Cloudian President and Co-Founder Hiroshi Ohta


What gave you the idea to start the initial company that fed into Cloudian? Mr. Ohta: Before founding our initial company, I was in charge of service development for mobile terminals at J-Phone, a mobile telecom operator in Japan. I led the development of services, including “Sky Walker,” the first short messaging service (SMS) in […]

A more economic Backup as a Service offering with Cloudian

Small businesses are looking for better ways to manage their backups than the traditional backup software and tape. Recently one of our customers, Kumo, delivered a new Backup Service for Business. Working with our application partner Cloudberry we provided a simple, easy to use, cost effective and trustworthy backup service. Want to learn more … […]

Next Generation Storage needs integration, scale and performance


Guest Blog Post by Colm Keegan from Storage Switzerland Various industry sources estimate that data is doubling approximately every two years and the largest subset of that growth is coming from unstructured data. User files, images, rich multimedia, machine sensor data and anything that lives outside of a database application can be referred to collectively […]

What is Hybrid Cloud Storage and What Can it Do For You?


IT departments today are forced to come up with innovative ways to deal with the amount of unstructured data that they must manage. Now many of these places are looking to merge the flexibility and scale of the cloud with the security and control of their on-premises IT environment by using a hybrid cloud storage […]

File Storage vs Object Storage?


Guest Blog Post by Colm Keegan from Storage Switzerland The fact that data is growing exponentially comes as no surprise to today’s IT professional. The question is, what is the best way to support that growth while enabling the business to leverage these data assets as an information advantage? Today, IT professionals have essentially two […]